Rome - January 16-17, 2020

Rome - January 16-17, 2020

The discussion starts with the resume of the tasks and deliverables of WG1 that should frame the workflow. Presentation of a three steps workflow: metadata, aggregated data, original data points to the definition of the format and preliminary analysis of these data with different level of detail.

In the afternoon Tommaso Sitzia resumes the Tasks and Deliverables of WG2 in order to frame the workflow. The workflow should account for the ultimate goal of the WG and of the Action, that includes management guidelines. In this perspective, the data deriving from the collection we are performing can be used either in a static or dynamic way.

Based on the inputs of day 1, the second day is dedicated to hands-on work on the different topics divided as follows:

  1. Standardization of protocol description for biodiversity data;
  2. Standardization of protocol description for structural data and definition of useful aggregated data;
  3. Spatial information on sampled sites and plots.



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