Networking in progress among forest-related COST Actions

Last June, we started to network and actively collaborate with the COST Action 3DForEcoTech "Three-dimensional Forest Ecosystem Monitoring and Better Understanding by Terrestrial-based Technologies" (read more here:

Our Action was very kindly invited to the first in-person meeting of the 3DForEcoTech, and our vice-Chair Péter Ódor very effectively presented our Action to boost connections and collaborations.

Now the video of his presentation is available here:

Watch this 13 minute video if you want to have a general idea of where our Action comes from and where are we going.

2022 08 31 11 29 16 Greenshot


The videos of tall the meeting presentations are available here:

Very special thanks to Martin Mokroš, Chair of 3DForEcoTech for inviting us, and to our vice-chair for actively particpating!



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